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Brazilian Waxing Studio is runned by Marcia, experienced Brazilian Therapist with 14 years of experience.

I started my career in Brazil in 2006. After completing my waxing training at Senac, which is one of the best technical colleges in Brazil

I moved to London and in 2008 had Brazilian Waxing Studio launched, and originally performing waxing for men and women. In November 2008 I opened a mens only salon: Brazilian Waxing Studio, and decided to specialize in Male Waxing as I could see there was a gap in this marked.

"...19:02 03/08/2022I remember in 2008, I was searching for male waxing in london, as I was thinking to have this treatment done, Marcia's was the only female therapist offering this service, at the time...". Mal

When in London, there were no female therapists performing male only Brazilian Waxing. Before my service, men would only had the option of unissex salons. Furthermore, the service for men that only have been for upper body waxing only, and not intimate waxing. I coined the phrase "Male Intimate Waxing", when I was the first to title my web site page as such.

I also came up with a novel way to ilustrate this sensitive subject using BEARS for diagrams to show the varieties of intimate waxing.