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Professional male waxing and male full body waxing in London

Gent’s Price List
Style Price
Male full back waxing (back/lower back/neck/shoulders) 30.00 50.00
Male neck waxing only 10.00
Male back waxing 25.00
Male lower back wax 15.00
Male shoulder wax 20.00
Male full front waxing (chest/stomach/ABS/lower belly) 30.00 50.00
Male chest waxing 20.00
Male stomach wax 20.00
Male lower belly wax 15.00
Male full arms wax (arms/hands) 30.00
Male half arms wax 15.00
Male under arms wax 10.00
Male full legs wax (including feet) 40.00 50.00
Male half legs wax 30.00
Male full brazilian wax (front, penis, scrotum, groin/bikini line, crack, front hair trimmed) 60.00
Male full Hollywood wax (front, penis, scrotum, groin/bikini line, crack, butt) 70.00
Penis, scrottun, groin/bikini line, crack wax 50.00
Male full buttock waxing (including crack) 40.00
Male buttock waxing (excluding crack) 30.00
Male eyebrow waxing 15.00
Male nose wax 10.00
Male ear wax 10.00
Male hands wax 10.00
Male feet wax 10.00