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Male Brazilian Waxing in London - UK and Brazil Professional Therapist.

Male Brazilian Waxing

Male Hollywood Waxing

Male Intimate Waxing

Male Brazilian Waxing: originated in Brazil with "Her" quickly spread to "Him" and now men everywhere are looking for the treatment. Male Brazilian waxing is a style and characterised by a small strip of hair above the penis. (Have look at the images)

Male Hollywood Waxing: characterised by the removal of all the hair above the penis. (see the pictures)

Scrotum and Crack Waxing: Does just what it says.

Sach and crack waxing picture
Sack and Crack Waxing

Fellow sack and crack waxing picture
Sack and Crack Waxing

Buttock, fellow + sack and crack waxing picture
Fellow + Sack and Crack
Buttock Waxing

Male brazilian waxing picture
Male Brazilian Waxing
(strips of hair left on front)

Male hollywood waxing picture
Male Hollywood Waxing
(no strips of hair left on front)

When I went to my waxing appointment with Marcia, having responded to her advert in ..., I found her to be charming and professional in both her manner and the practice of her skills. I have had intimate waxing before but it is normal, I guess, to be not totally relaxed before intimate waxing and especially if you are having the treatment for the first time. However, Marcia's softly spoken approach is disarming and removes all apprehension. She is among the very best at her craft. I am delighted with the results of my full Hollywood wax and would encourage any man to go Marcia for waxing.